Common Mistakes Consumers Make when Hiring a Local Real Estate Agent in South Carolina


Hi, everyone. My name is Tyrone Brown, licensed broker with over 20 years of experience. Well, in this video, I want to talk about one of the most common mistakes consumers like yourself make when you're hiring a local real estate agent in an area. So stay tuned. I would love to share with you how to avoid the one common mistake that a lot of consumers do not know about.

So the common mistake that a lot of consumers like yourself do not know about is let's say you're on Zillow, or, or Trulia dot something, or one of those aggregate websites. And you're not locally in a Sumter, Columbia, or the Florence real estate market areas. So you call up an agent that's in, let's say for example the Florence area, because you saw a house on Zillow that's for sale in Sumpter. Now here's where the problem come in consumers like yourself might not be aware of. That agent that's in the Florence marketplace have not, and this is not to talk negative of realtors, but here's the difference of the real estate agent that's going to be representing you.


That agent does not have access to the properties in the Sumter market. You saw it on Zillow when Zillow has went out and invested in all of the different MLSs, but we have about 14 different MLSs here in the South Carolina. Now, one thing that sets us apart is I've been exposed to a statewide MLS. There are a lot of agents in the South Carolina real estate market that's never been exposed to a statewide MLS, and that's the difference. So what that means to you is that Florence agent has not paid to be a member of the Sumter Board of Real Estate MLS. And now they don't have access to look up the important documentations that is needed to assist you as a consumer that wants to buy in the Sumpter market. Whether it's property disclosure information. What most of the time they do is they reach out to a Sumter agent and ask that listing agent who's listing that property, "Can you provide that information for me?"



So here's the nugget I'm telling you as a consumer, you should ask that agent, if you do decide to reach out to a Florence, Columbia, or an outer area agent, "Are you a member of that real estate board that they have property in?" So if it's in Sumter, you should ask them, "Are you a member of that MLS board?" If it's in Columbia, you should ask them if they're a member of the Columbia, because that's where it can be more beneficiary to you as a consumer where now you have an agent who's localized or have invested in the tools to gain access to homes and the things that you need to assist you with the transaction. That's one thing that sets us apart. So thank you again for watching this video. I hope you found this information to be helpful. If you got any questions, make sure you click and subscribe below. We're counting on you and come back, watch some of our other video. Thanks again and have a wonderful day.